about Celebrate Well

The Celebrate Well lifestyle was born out of the overflow of our relationship with God & our relationship with people.  With so many reasons to feel down in the dumps, we say, "If you're alive & you're breathing, lets honor and celebrate every moment!" A life lived well is not one of trying to get to the TOP, but it's celebrating every step that gets you there!  

Celebrate Well is a Christian organization providing tools and events to help you advance in the life that God has planned for you.  We are your new BFF's cheering you on to a supernatural joy filled life.  

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Our Team

Kathleen Golden

Kathleen Golden

"Yay, Hooray" - Kathleen 

Kathleen grew up in Austin, Tx, singing gospel, jazz and Broadway music, and dancing, tap, and ballet. At some point, the dancing stopped and the music became her everything. When she encountered the presence of the Lord and became a Christian, she surrendered all her gifts and talents to his Glory. ⁣

Now, she enjoys teaching and sharing the love of God; as well as leading worship for conferences and churches throughout the world.⁣

Nadine Matthews

Nadine Matthews

Yay, Hooray!

Nadine is the founder of Celebrate Well Greetings, an online boutique for handmade unique expressions of Joy and celebrations and Co-founder of Celebrate Well, a ministry centered on cultivating a lifestyle of supernatural Joy. She is the worship leader at Worship In The City in Austin, TX. She is inspired and determined to live her life in pursuit of the promise of the kingdom according to Romans 14:17, full of Peace, Righteousness, and above all JOY! ⁣

Her passion to inspire and express Joy coupled with her magnetic personality has made her an ideal candidate to travel the country and spread the message of Joy in a way that can only be described as anointed and contagious.⁣

Our Team is made up of board members, creatives, and administrative consultants.  If you would like to join the team, email us, and tell us about yourself. 

Spring Huemme

Spring Huemme

Alyssa P.

Alyssa Puckett

Jessica M.

Jessica Monnich